Sponsorship Opportunities

The Poké Trainer Nic Family, which includes Nic, Maria, Erika, and Nathan, are huge fans of Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. We're always looking for ways to obtain product and expand our content catalog.

While our audience isn't huge yet, we're seeing a constant increase in traffic on each of our channels. This is your opportunity to get a piece of that action while supporting us in the process.

Take a look at the following opportunities, and if you’re interested, send an email to nic@nraboy.com.

Website Logo

Want your brand logo to appear on the homepage of The Poké Trainer Nic website? This is a great way to get brand recognition for your company and show that you're a supporter.

If you’d like your brand logo to appear with a link back to your website, here are the options:

Monthly: $25 / Month

Annually: $250 / Year

When you become a sponsor of the website, you'll be given a shoutout on our social media channels which include Facebook and Instagram.

YouTube Video

When choosing to sponsor YouTube videos, you’ll be receiving one (1) shout-out as well as one (1) visual popover with your information towards the beginning of the video.

Video: $50 / Video

The sponsorship shout-out and visual information will remain in the video for as long as it exists on YouTube.

You are responsible for providing any visuals beyond plaintext for the informative popover within the video.

Product Sponsorship

We love Pokémon product. To be honest, most of the sponsorship dollars that we get from the website and YouTube will go towards product anyways.

You can save us the extra step by sending us product directly. Mail your product to the following address:

Nic Raboy

793 South Tracy Blvd #209 Tracy, CA 95376

We'll open it on the website or YouTube channel (whatever makes the most sense) and give you a plug. Just make sure to include some information about yourself and that we should expect a package from you in an email to nic@nraboy.com.

If you're sending us clothing, a Unisex Medium should work.